Lido Stone is one of the world’s premier custom stone manufacturers. Located in Riverhead, New York, we design, create and install stunning stone products carved from exquisite stones curated from around the globe.

Our knowledge encompasses generations of proven practices and advanced technologies to create unique visions in stone. Our experience has led our services to be recognized globally, throughout New York’s Manhattan, Hamptons, New England, Miami and Palm Beach in Florida, the Hollywood Hills of California as well as the Hawaiian, Caribbean Islands, Europe, and Asia.

Founded in January 2003, Lido Stone Works established its beginnings from passionate believers who would become innovators of the industry. In the years ahead, Lido Stone would grow from a family name to a household name, known for its expertise in acquisition, design, technical detail, manufacturing and installation.

The Lido Stone offices and workshop cover 40,000 square feet across 6.5 acres and are located at Enterprise Park, situated on a private airport.

Today, our faithful and reliable team embraces extraordinary challenges while delivering on high expectations.

Guiding Principles


Our client’s needs are first and foremost in every employee’s mind. We exist only because of our clients.


Quality is our ongoing commitment to achieve excellence and set the standard for our clients who define, expect and deserve it.


Service is the backbone of our company. Our service attitude is focused on client satisfaction that goes beyond expectations.


We compete in the marketplace on the basis of value, delivered through superior service, with fair and competitive pricing.


To accomplish our mission requires unity, understanding and a commitment to work together. Our combined efforts enable us to achieve the highest quality results.


We believe in servant leadership where our management responsibilities are carried out with a vision in accordance with our guiding principles. As teams and individuals, we all add value to the products and services we provide.

Our Team

Our experienced team of custom stone manufacturers consistently produces impressive products carved from exquisite stones.

Eliot Mazzocca

Project Management
Oscar Cano
John Donatelli
Tim O’Neill
Robert Corcoran
Andy Ohman
Mario Romanelli
Wilson Ruiz



Field Measurements & Shop Drawings
Andi Allman
Augusto Cano
John Kelly
Remi German
CK Guerrero

Production Management
Cesar Martinez

Customer & Resource Liaison
Allison Person
Lisa Nuzzi

Warehouse & Shipping Manager
Rich Johnson

Our Eco System Partners